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April 6, 2020 Announcements of online church services 宣布教會聚會在網路平台進行

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October 2020 Meeting Schedule 2020十月份聚會一覽

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Upcoming Events

基列網上特会 9/25-27/2020 4:30-9 pm

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Caleb Fellowship Oct 8, 2020 10am-1pm

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中文團契 每月第一及第三 週五 6:30pm

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Founded in 1992, Gilead Bible Church is a non-denominational and
family-oriented church that ministers to the spiritual needs of English
and Cantonese speaking Chinese in San Ramon and nearby communities.
Our emphasis is on Christ-centered worship, sound biblical preaching,
in-depth Bible study, fervent prayers, world & home missions, and caring fellowship. We adhere to the “Baptist Faith and Message.” Worship services
are in English & Chinese; Sunday School classes are in English and Cantonese.
We also offer prayer meetings, fellowship meetings, and many special events.
Come visit us and prepare to be blessed!

主日崇拜分中,英文两堂. 兒童及青少年主日學以英語進行。成人主日學分中,

Recent Events

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Jan 11, 2020 Baptism | Flyer

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Tue Dec 31 2019 New Year's Eve Hot Pot

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Sat. Dec 14, 2019 Christmas Celebration 平安夜裡真平安| Flyer
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July 27, 2019 Church Clean-Up Day | Flyer
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Sun June 2, 2019 Welcome Pastor Peter and Ruby 歡迎雷吉源傳道和張美娥姊妹

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Sunday April 1, 2018 Easter Celebration| Invitation Flyer

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"Shine on Us" Easter Presentation

"In Christ Alone" Easter Presentation