Gilead Bible Church | Events 2020
Date Event Presenter Topic (downloadable for easy viewing)
Thu, July 9 Caleb Fellowship GBC Bear with One Another (Part 2) with Max Lucado
 Sun July 5 Sermon 曾祥新 "尋求主的面"|歷代志下7:1-15
 Sun July 5 Sermon David Chew "Called to Multiply"|Luke 13:18-21
Wed July 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 七月份聚會一覽 | July Meeting Announcement
 Sun June 28 Sermon 雷吉源 "不要激怒兒女"|以弗所書6:1-4
 Sun June 28 Sermon Alvin Louie "Wisdom from Above or Wisdom on Earth?"|James 3:13-18
 Sun June 21 Sermon 沈有方 "戰勝試探"|雅各書1:13-18
 Sun June 21 Sermon Peter Lui "Do Not Provoke Your Children"|Ephesians 6: 1-4
 Sun June 14 Sermon 雷吉源 "光明中的人"|以弗所書5:7-14
 Sun June 14 Sermon Jerry Wong Financial Security|Luke 12:22-34
Thu, June 11 Caleb Fellowship GBC Bear with One Another (Part 2)
 Sun June 7 Sermon 陳綱 "傳十字架的基督"|哥林多前書1:17-25
 Sun June 7 Sermon David Chew "Fulfill Your Ministry and Finish Well by Teaching God's Word"|2 Timothy 4:1-8
Mon, June 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 六月份聚會一覽 | June Meeting Announcement
 Sun May 31 Sermon 程伯君 "因小失大和失少得大"|馬可福音10:17-27;路加福音5:27-29
 Sun May 31 Sermon Marcus Givens "Loving Jesus Means We Live Righteous Lives” – Part IV"|1 John 3:1-15
 Sun May 24 Sermon 雷吉源 "效法神的愛"|以弗所書5:1-6
 Sun May 24 Sermon Alvin Louie "Running the Race “Finish Well” – Part IV"|II Timothy 4:6-8
 Sun May 17 Sermon 曾祥新 "耶穌醫治病人"|路加福音5::1-16
 Sun May 17 Sermon Marcus Givens "In This Last Hour, Who's Really for Jesus?"|I John 2:18-39
Thu, May 14 Caleb Fellowship GBC Accept One Another (Part 2)
 Sun May 10 Sermon 雷吉源 "一位信心勇敢的母親—約基別"|出埃及記2:1-10
 Sun May 10 Sermon Peter Lui "A Faithful Brave Mother - Jochebed"|Exodus 2:1-10
 Sun May 3 Sermon 張霄峰 "順服神在光中與神相交"|讀經:約翰一書2:1-11
 Sun May 3 Sermon David Chew "Called to Bear Fruit"|13:6-9
Fri, May 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 五月份聚會一覽 | May Meeting Announcement
 Sun Apr 26 Sermon 雷吉源 "新人的表現"|以弗所書4:23-32
 Sun Apr 26 Sermon Alvin Louie "Running the Race: Focus Well" Part 3|Hebrews 12:1-3
 Sun Apr 19 Sermon 黃嘉松 "面對世代的危機"|哈巴谷書1:1-17
 Sun Apr 19 Sermon T. Wong "Forgiven to Follow"|John 21:15-23
 Sun Apr 12 Sermon 雷吉源 "我們還活著嗎?"|羅馬書6:8-14
 Sun Apr 12 Sermon Peter Lui "Are we still alive?"|Romans 6:8-14
Thu, Apr 9 Caleb Fellowship GBC Accept One Another (Part 1)
 Sun Apr 5 Sermon 曾祥新 "上耶路撒冷的路"|馬可福音10:32-52
 Sun Apr 5 Sermon Vula Rushdooney "Spreading the Gospel Light?"|Isaiah 55:1-13
Wed, Apr 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 四月份聚會一覽 | April Meeting Announcement
 Sun Mar 29 Sermon 池峈鋒 "想不到的時候......預備好了!"|馬太福音24:42-51
 Sun Mar 29 Sermon Peter Tie "When You do not Expect...Be Ready!"|Matthew 24:42-51
 Sun Mar 22 Sermon 沈有方 "神不離不棄的愛"|羅馬書8:18-28,35,39b
 Sun Mar 22 Sermon Alvin Louie "Obey Well-Part 2"|II Timothy 2:5/td>
 Sun Mar 15 Sermon 林信良 "誇耀與愛"|哥林多前書13:1-13
 Sun Mar 15 Sermon Marcus Givens "Love the Lord, not the World!"|I John 2: 15-17
Thu, Mar 12 Caleb Fellowship GBC Meditate on These Things
 Sun Mar 8 Sermon 雷吉源 "長大成人"|以弗所書4:11-16
 Sun Mar 8 Sermon Yot Lee "The Devil Wears Prada"|2 Corinthians 11:1-15
 Sun Mar 3 Sermon 劉志信 "靠主剛強"|提摩太後書1:2-7;以弗所書6:10-11
 Sun Mar 1 Sermon Marcus Givens "A Fireside Chat about Holiness, Love & Solid Faith – Part 2"|I John 2: 1–14
Thur, Mar 1 Feature Article GBC Online Church Services
Thu, Mar 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 三月份聚會一覽 | March Meeting Announcement
 Sun Feb 23 Sermon 雷吉源 "瘟疫停了"|歷代志上21:1-17
 Sun Feb 23 Sermon Alvin Louie "Train Well – Part 2"|I Corinthians 9:24-27
 Sun Feb 16 Sermon 陳 綱 "以神為中心的禱告"|馬太福音6:9-13
 Sun Feb 15 Sermon Marcus Givens "Holiness, Love & Solid Fait"|1 John 1:1-10
Thu, Feb 13 Caleb Fellowship GBC Meditate on These Things(Part 1)/硏讀彌迦書
 Sun Feb 9 Sermon 雷吉源 "你懼怕什麼?"|路加福音8:22-25
 Sun Feb 9 Sermon T. Wong "Sacrifice"|Romans 12:1-2 and Leviticus 1
 Sun Feb 2 Sermon 張霄峰 "完全的饒恕"|馬太福音18:21-35
 Sun Feb 3 Sermon Yot Lee "Stamped with God’s Image"|Genesis 1:26-27
Sat, Feb 1 Feature Article 陳如山
Sat, Feb 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 二月份聚會一覽 | February Meeting Announcement
 Sun Jan 26 Sermon 雷吉源 "保羅的禱告"|以弗所書3:14-21
 Sun Jan 26 Sermon Alvin Louie "Running the Race – The Race is not to the Swift"|Ecclesiastes 9:10-12
 Sun Jan 19 Sermon 黃嘉松 "最重要的一件事"|腓立比書3:12-15
 Sun Jan 19 Sermon Yot Lee "Signs of a Strong Church"|2 Thessalonians. 1:1-4
 Sun Jan 12 Sermon 雷吉源 "在信與愛中同心增長"|帖撒羅尼迦後書1:3-10
 Sun Jan 12 Sermon T. Wong "All in Due Time"|Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Thu, Jan 9 Caleb Fellowship GBC The Peace of God will Guard Your Heart(Part 2)/硏讀約拿書
 Sun Jan 5 Sermon 沈有方 "信心之路"|希伯來書11:1-10
 Sun Jan 5 Sermon David Chew "Called To Be Repent"|Luke 13:1-5
Wed, Jan 1 Meeting Announcement GBC 一月份聚會一覽 | January Meeting Announcement
Wed, Jan 1 Feature Article 黄萬滿 在疾病中經歷神